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Do it because, without your support and those like you – school-based adapted sports will remain a hoped for, rarely attained opportunity in the majority of schools across America. Do it because, like Christy Jones, 2013 High School Special Educator of the Year by the Houston County Council of Exceptional Children Organization, stated: “I have been involved with Special Olympics since my college days, and like many people, assumed it covered all students with a disability. Becoming involved with AAASP opened my eyes to the reality that there was a population of students that was being left out in my school system."

We’ve been where you are and we can help. Years ago, we were searching for adapted sports rules, policies, equipment and training that contemplated the challenges and responsibilities unique to school systems and state high school associations. AAASP’s award winning interscholastic adaptedSPORTS™ model, is hailed nationally as the definitive cross-disability model that works locally, affordably and in compliance with the mandates schools are responsible to address.

Years of empirical evidence have established that students stay healthier and graduate at rates far above their peers nationally. And isn’t student success why we all do what we do? So use us. Train with us. AAASP is here to help.

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“My son, Jerome and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the Adaptive Sports Program! He built friendships that may last a lifetime. Before he participated in the program, I struggled many days to get him to wear his braces.  He now wears them without being told! We were pleased with the total experience and wish to commend the organization for a job well done.”

Markeya Broaden
Parent of Jerome

“We have seen all kinds of positive change in our students – academically, emotionally, and physically. Some of them live, eat, and drink their sport. We had a youngster with cerebral palsy who had a real problem with coordination, and after a while, he was catching and dribbling the ball. Then there was another student who was the victim of a shooting that left him a paraplegic. Playing wheelchair basketball allowed him to focus on something other than his disability. For every athlete who competes, we get an opportunity to touch his or her lives in some way.”

Onie Lawson
Adapted Sports Area Coordinator, Atlanta Public Schools, The Atlanta Educator, A publication of Atlanta Public Schools

“I just wanted to thank AAASP for all that it has done for me. I am a Journalism major at Augusta State who recently was appointed to chief reporter of the school newspaper. I also sit on a strategic planning committee for the university. Finally, I am a board member for the new Miracle League field being built in Augusta. In my opinion, I attribute my successes to your organization. So, once again, thank you. ”

Matt Miklas
Formerly of Columbia County Schools Fireballs

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Sport-affiliated media - social, print and broadcast - also regularly follow scores, teams and the inspiring stories of our athletes. That means good press for sponsors too!

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"Welcome to the AAASP Alumni Association! As an alumnus and President of the Board of Directors, I’m excited to share that AAASP has officially launched an Alumni Association. This will give our alumni a way to stay involved with the organization and to reconnect with former teammates and friends."

Nancy Turnipseed

AAASP Alumnus and Board President

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