Japanese Sister Program Makes Special Visit to the United States for AdaptED Sports Interscholastic Wheelchair Football State Championships This Weekend to Continue Development of the Wheelchair Sport

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Atlanta, May 6, 2024 –  The American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) will host a very special guest this week from Japan, to share best practices and insight about its interscholastic AAASP Wheelchair American Football Program. Kyoya Itoga, Wheelchair Football Japan, will meet with Co-Founder and Executive Director Tommie Storms, as well as former Executive Director and Co-Founder Bev Vaughn, as well as other AAASP staff, coaches, athletes and volunteers to continue to learn about the program, in an effort to continue to further the sport’s development, create conversation, raise visibility, and advocate for expansion. Itoga, Storms and Vaughn all met back in 2011 while Itoga was in town for the AAASP Wheelchair Football State Championships in Athens, GA that year.

Itoga will visit with AAASP for four days; to visit a team practice, meet with officials, administration and employees, and finish the visit by attending the 2024 AAASP Wheelchair Football State Championships in Houston County, Georgia this year.

Watch Kyoga Itoga’s May 22, 2024 interview with here.


  • May 9 – Itoga arrives in Atlanta, meetings
  • May 10 –  Day with AAASP Staff, visit to UGA
  • May 11 – State Wheelchair Football in Houston County, GA

This visit marks Itoga’s fourth visit to Georgia to continue this progression. As the sport of wheelchair football continues to grow, develop and change, the organizations involved continue to grow to help shape this sport, destined for international competition, at some point in the future – whether it is played indoors (like in the AAASP’s AdaptED Sports League), outdoors, with or without helmets, with varying positions, etc., with the ultimate goal of inclusion in the Paralympic Games someday.

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“Regardless of who gets credit for its various forms or who is leading, what is obvious is that wheelchair football is an emerging sport for those with disabilities that has great potential for growth.” said Storms.

“Mr Itoga is yet another pioneer in the sport and one who deserves attention and to be celebrated. His work at the university level and throughout his community and in Japan, making a difference. We are so proud of our association with him and how far he’s been able to take his efforts in Japan,” Storms added.

For more information or request for interview about AAASP’s wheelchair football program, please contact Terri Grunduski at the number below.

The American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) is celebrating its 28th anniversary this year of bringing interscholastic adapted athletics to schools. GHSA formed the nation’s first dual governing alliance with AAASP in 2001 to pioneer these efforts[b1]  [b2] for students with physical disabilities. Through this alliance, GHSA recognizes AAASP as the governing and sanctioning body for adapted sports programs within Georgia’s schools. For more information, or how to start or find a team in your area, please log on to: Schools or districts can learn more about becoming a member of AAASP by contacting us 404-294-0070 or the Georgia High School Association.


To learn more about AAASP, please visit: 

The American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs (AAASP), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia since 1996, has developed one of the nation’s most comprehensive school-based athletic programs for children with physical disabilities attending grades 1-12. Many prominent individuals and national organizations in the industry have recognized AAASP as the model for the nation. For more information about AAASP, please visit our website at or join our conversations on Facebook (American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs), Twitter or Instagram at: @AdaptedSports.


Tommie Storms, Adapted Sports – • Atlanta: Terri Grunduski, Grunduski Group – 404-226-7497 • Donna Feazell, Grunduski Group

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