Houston County Sharks’ own Jordan Kozloski signs with University of Arizona to play Wheelchair Basketball!


Our own, Jordan Kozloski, signed with Arizona to play Wheelchair Basketball. Here is more on her extraordinary journey and how she came to lose her leg at age two. Once on the site, click on Jordon’s photo – third row, far right. http://www.hcbe.net/?L=2&DivisionID=%2715758%27&DepartmentID=%2728260%27&TabNo=2

Jordan has been with AAASP and the Houston Co. Sharks since 2nd grade (pictured then with coach Christy Jones). It’s not unusual for our Georgia athletes to spend their entire school careers on teams governed under the AAASP/GHSA Alliance. Jordan is very fortunate. Because of your efforts in support of AAASP.org, she has always had opportunities. Living in a state with interscholastic adapted sports at school is rare indeed. We estimate more than a million kids are sidelined due to a disability because their school system lacks the resources it needs or does not contemplate the unique needs of a physically disabled student in sport.

Congrats to Jordan and all our kids who AAASPIRE to live an extraordinary life – a unique and wonderful life that just happens to include a disability.  Check out more on Jordan here:

WMAZ feature


We also want to thank the state representatives and senators who have worked tirelessly for two decades now to insure these programs remain available. Thank you Ben Harbin, Steve Henson, Nan Grogan Orrock, Gloria Singleton Butler, Mary Margaret Oliver, Butch Miller, Terry Coleman and Governors Barnes, Perdue and Deal.

And of course, thanks to all our friends and leaders at GHSA and the GA Department of Education. You’ve all made this possible for all our Jordans. #adaptedsports

To help support future athletes working towards the same opportunity, please text “AAASP” to 41444 and make a donation today. Thank you!