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The American Association of AdaptED SPORTS Programs, Inc. (AAASP) is a 501c3 organization that provides services to Local Education Agencies, State High School Associations and State Departments of Education in extracurricular adapted athletics for physically disabled children attending grades 1-12 to improve their well-being while positively influencing total student development.

The AAASP model has been in place since 1996, and ensures disabled students the opportunity to experience the benefits of school sport competition just as their non-disabled peers do.

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Affiliates - Georgia League

Muscogee Lions

Muscogee County 

Gwinnett HEAT

Gwinnett County

Atlanta Wolfpack

Atlanta Public Schools

Houston Sharks

Houston County

Clayton Eagles

Clayton County


West Georgia / Troup County

Georgia Storm

Henry County

DeKalb Silver Streaks

DeKalb County

Rolling Trojans

Peach County

Classic City Dawgs

Clarke County

NOTE: AdaptED Sports, its member schools, associations and partners, recognize the rare and fragile nature of “local, education-based” teams, and the harm that can result where cooperative recruitment policies and discussions have not been established and agreed upon between themselves and outside groups, including club teams. Recruitment policies are established by each individual program. Ask your local area coordinator about policy allowing or disallowing athletes to participate simultaneously on a school-based and a community-based team or program. AAASP urges community groups and its member programs, parents and athletes to work cooperatively to avoid scheduling and other conflicts where dual participation is allowed. Do no harm.

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Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta Wolfpack

Clarke County Schools

classic city dawgs

Clayton County Schools

clayton eagles

DeKalb County Schools

dekalb silver streaks

Gwinnett County Schools

gwinnett heat

Henry County Schools Parks & Recreation

georgia storm - regional

Houston County Schools

houston county sharks

Muscogee County Schools

Muscogee Lions

Peach County Schools

rolling trojans

Troup County Schools Parks & Recreation

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Adapted sports athletes are not eligible for Special Olympics. The two organizations target different populations. AAASP serves students with physical disabilities, while Special Olympics serves people with intellectual disabilities.

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Did You Know?

Physical activity reduces obesity and helps prevent health problems like heart disease, breast cancer, and stress-related illnesses like depression. The benefits of physical education programs are equally important for students with disabilities as they are for all students.

It's a Fact!

Individuals with disabilities who participate in sports have higher self-esteem, better body images, and higher rates of academic success; and are more likely to graduate from high school and matriculate in college; and experience greater success and more options.