adaptedSPORTS® Wheelchair Handball

AAASP Wheelchair Handball Kits are available for purchase through FlagHouse

Wheelchair Handball kicks off the AAASP sports year in August. Wheelchair Handball is a fast–paced game that is easily played by students using either manual or power wheelchairs.

The ball, which is a Tachikara Official SV–5W loose bladder constructed white leather volleyball, is easier for children in the early stages of learning fundamental sports skills and enables them to achieve higher levels of confidence and success; therefore they are motivated to continue playing. The sport is played inside on a basketball court and many of the same skills required for wheelchair basketball are used in wheelchair handball, such as learning to move, pass, dribble, shoot and pick up the ball. In wheelchair handball, however, a player may use their hands, feet or the wheelchair to move the ball.

AAASP has two divisions of play for its member teams — varsity and junior varsity. Teams are placed by AAASP in these divisions with input from the Area Coordinator. This placement is based on many factors, such as the teams overall experience, years of play, and functional ability of individual players. The season ends with the state Wheelchair Handball Championship, where the best varsity and junior varsity teams from across the state compete for their respective championship titles.

* Wheelchair handball is also called indoor wheelchair soccer in its adult format.

Eligible participants, whose primary disability must be physical, are boys and girls attending grades 1—12. They are able to walk unassisted, with devices, or use manual or power wheelchairs. All participants must compete in a manual or power wheelchair.