Help Us Tell Our Story!

YOUR Story is OUR Story - Let's Tell It Together!


AAASP celebrated 25 years of interscholastic adapted sports this year - and we are looking for your stories of how AAASP has impacted your life at home, at school, and as you have ventured out into the world!

YOUR story is OUR story - let's tell it together! Whether it was your first game with AAASP, your favorite coach, your first championship, how playing sports has affected your life -- whatever memory you'd like to share–we would love for you to share it with us to help tell the history of 25 years with Adapted Sports!

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We need your help to make this year special:

The letters and photos we receive from the past 25 years of AAASP alumni will be made into a commemorative piece available for purchase later this year.

Questions about the project?
Please contact: (and include your info in subject line - 25th Anniversary Memories - by Joe Smith)

We look forward to hearing your athletic journey and sharing all of your wonderful stories!

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