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American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs (AAASP) Interscholastic Wheelchair Football State Championships This Weekend for Varsity and JV Divisions!

Atlanta, May 6, 2024 – The AAASP Wheelchair Football State Championships, both Varsity and JV, will take place this weekend, Saturday May 11th,  in Clayton County.  Come join adaptED sports athletes from across Georgia as they compete for the AAASP state title! Here are the Wheelchair Football Championship Schedules for…

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Featured image for “Japanese Sister Program Makes Special Visit to the United States for AdaptED Sports Interscholastic Wheelchair Football State Championships This Weekend to Continue Development of the Wheelchair Sport”

Japanese Sister Program Makes Special Visit to the United States for AdaptED Sports Interscholastic Wheelchair Football State Championships This Weekend to Continue Development of the Wheelchair Sport

Atlanta, May 6, 2024 –  The American Association of AdaptED Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) will host a very special guest this week from Japan, to share best practices and insight about its interscholastic AAASP Wheelchair American Football Program. Kyoya Itoga, Wheelchair Football Japan, will meet with Co-Founder and Executive Director…

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Featured image for “Senior Spotlights 2024”

Senior Spotlights 2024

We are so proud to celebrate with our 2024 AAASP Senior Athletes graduating this May! It has been fun watching you and working together over the years. Congratulations to each of you –we wish you all the best in your future endeavors! #Classof2024 #AdaptedSports Adonis Brown  Houston County Sharks Adonis…

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Featured image for “Coaches Spotlight: Meet Classic City Dawgs Coach John David Walker”

Coaches Spotlight: Meet Classic City Dawgs Coach John David Walker

AAASP: Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a coach of the team… John David Walker: My name is John David Walker and this is my 10th year teaching at Clarke Central High School. I have taught grades 9-12 as a special education collaborating teacher in math classrooms,…

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A Win-Win for Everyone

The AAASP method ensures an equitable opportunity in school athletic programs for physically disabled students. It's a win-win for schools and community organizations.

This nationally recognized award-winning model complies with federal mandates and provides partners with quality proven implementation strategies while offering a coordinated approach for growth and sustainability in adapted athletics at the local level. The advantage for partnering schools and community organizations is they can maximize participation, share resources, coordinate services and avoid duplicating programs. Partners have access to best practices, adaptedSPORTS® policy, resources, data, research, educational training programs, equipment kits, rules committees, and technical expertise to successfully implement inclusive adapted athletic programs to improve the well-being of children with physical disabilities.



Put simply, we train coaches, coordinators, officials and school administrators how to engage, serve and fully integrate the last group of students still sidelined in sports in America's schools - those with physical disabilities. That's HUGE! But it's no longer hugely difficult or expensive.



Since our founding in Atlanta in 1996, AAASP has been hailed as the "premier" organization successfully serving, "America's Sidelined Kids." We've demonstrated that when a school system adds even one adapted sports program, the overall physical and emotional health of their students with physical disabilities is positively affected, along with their academic performance.



AAASP employs a competitive, cross-disability model that maximizes the number of students and types of disabilities who may be eligible for a single team.This approach has been a game changer–making the formation of local school teams possible at the district and regional level.


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Your donations help ensure no child is sidelined in school athletics due to a physical disability. Thank you for your support!


Listening, Learning and Leading with Partners like NFHS, NIAAA & FlagHouse

Award-Winning Best Practices for Education-Based Adapted Sports

Award-Winning Best Practices for School-BasedAdapted Sports
With this initiative, we promote the adoption or implementation of strategies proven to work and produce positive results for students and schools.


Reinforcing Our Commitment to Developing & Sharing

We Provide the Rules, Training Videos & Teaching Aids

Utilizing its nationally honored model, in use since the 1996 Paralympic Games, and showcasing Georgia as its fully developed prototype, AAASP has led the way in removing barriers that had previously thwarted the full participation and inclusion of student athletes with physical disabilities in school athletics.


Taking It One Step at a Time

Professional Assistance: AAASP Workshops, Mentoring, Consulting and Implementation

AAASP assists national, state, and local educational agencies with research in developing a framework for phased adoption. This structured approach is then coupled with the AAASP comprehensive training program, which allows administrators, coaches and officials to acquire the knowledge they need to be successful. The result is managed adoption while ensuring a standard of excellence.


AAASP is proud to PARTNER with


National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAA)


GA Department of Education

Georgia High School Association (GHSA)

Florida High School Athletic Association


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Inclusive Fitness Coalition

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The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP) represents a standardized approach to interscholastic sports programming for students with physical disabilities. It’s a not-for-profit association dedicated to developing adapted interscholastic sport programs in partnership with national, state, and local educational agencies. This cooperative approach represents the most successful model for affording students with physical disabilities access to competitive sport.

Our Mission

AAASP’s mission is to expand and sustain a standardized structure for education-based athletic competition to improve the well-being of students with physical disabilities.

Our Vision

AAASP envisions a society where all children with physical disabilities can experience the rewards and satisfaction of competitive school-based sports.

Our Core Values
  • Every young person with a physical disability should have an opportunity to participate in appropriate interscholastic athletic programs, thereby affording them the ability to achieve the same or similar known positive outcomes as their non-disabled peers. Such participation enhances health, improves academic achievement, enhances self-confidence, creates a sense of independence through goal setting and achievement, increases critical thinking skills, and improved socialization skills through team building.

  • Any young person who participates in adapted sports programs should have the guidance of adults with proper sports training.

  • The standardization of sports seasons, rules, policies, and ethical guidelines are essential to the long-term success of interscholastic adapted athletics.

  • Continuous, stable, and quality extracurricular adapted athletic programs are possible only with the aid of solid governance, leadership and the commitment of educational agencies.