YOURS is the voice that created it all…
introducing AAASP’s #WhyWeRoll video project!


AAASP proudly announces the #WhyWeRoll Video Project and Giveaway to showcase YOUR videos on what it means to be an AAASP athlete and participate in sports.  The video project is open to all AAASP athletes, coaches, teachers, siblings and families!    We will having a drawing each quarter, from all of the submissions each quarter, to receive a Walmart gift card!


Best of all, we’ve also made it easy and fun to tell us your story!

  • Make a video talking about #WhyWeRoll or  #AdaptedSportsMatter of up to 1 minute in length*  (if you can’t come up with a topic—don’t worry—we have IDEA starters for you!)
  • Load the video up on your own YouTube or Vimeo account (it’s FREE to open an account –go to or and save the link!
  • CLICK BELOW  to fill out a short, 5 question submission on line… then add the video link – and hit send!

IT IS THAT SIMPLE!    (*Not a video person?  You can submit a written entry instead on line, whichever you prefer!)


Good luck!  We look forward to hearing why YOU roll!


In Sports,   Bev Vaughn, Co-Founder and CEO, Adapted Sports, and Tommie Storms, Co-Founder and COO, Adapted Sports

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