Wheelchair Basketball


Wheelchair basketball is one of the most widely recognized sports for athletes with disabilities and is one of two AAASP sports organized during the winter. Although they are able to walk unassisted, with devices, or use manual propelled wheelchairs, all participants must compete in a manual wheelchair. Power wheelchairs are not permitted.

The wheelchair is considered part of the body, offensive players are allowed four seconds in the lane and there is no double dribble. As in wheelchair handball, teams play within either junior varsity or varsity division. Junior varsity teams use an 8½foot hoop and a NCAA’s women’s basketball and the varsity teams use a standard 10–foot hoop and a NCAA men’s basketball. The AAASP season ends with two state Wheelchair Basketball Championships — one for varsity and one for junior varsity — where the best teams from throughout the state compete for their respective titles.


Eligible participants, whose primary disability must be physical, are boys and girls attending grades 1–12. They are able to walk unassisted, with devices, or use manual or power wheelchairs. All participants must compete in a manual or power wheelchair.

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Sharks Defeat Wolverines in the State Championship Final 41-26

Houston County Sharks Beat the

West Georgia Wolverines in the 20th Annual

American Association of Adapted Sports Programs

(AAASP) Interscholastic Wheelchair Basketball State Championship Final

The Houston County Sharks defeat the West Georgia Wolverines 41-26 for the title of Adapted Sports Georgia Varsity State Champion this afternoon at Stegeman Coliseum, on the UGA Campus in Athens, Georgia.    The perennial champions showed their experience taking the lead in the first quarter and fighting off the Wolverines to win their 5th state championship in a row this year.  This win came on the 20th anniversary year of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) organization, and its 14th year in partnership with the GHSA.

“We commend our participating Georgia school districts for providing these inclusive opportunities to students  with physical disabilities, as they do for the non-disabled peers. The benefits we’ve seen to these athletes over our 20 year history are just tremendous,”  said Bev Vaughn, Executive Director, American Association of AdaptedSports Programs (AAASP).


Houston County Sharks (Head Coaches Dr. Brenda Arnett and Stephen Roberson)

West Georgia Wolverines (Head Coaches Richard McIntyre and Ric McIntyre –Father & Son)



Jordan Kozloski, #10, led the Sharks with 24 points on the day; Olando Hicks #22 had 10 points and Braxton Robinsson #11 had 7 points.


Tremmelle Raymond, #13, led the West GA Wolverines in scoring with 16 points.


The Houston County Sharks have won five consecutive Adapted Sports Wheelchair Basketball Titles:  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and now 2017; the West GA Wolverines took the Wheelchair Basketball State Title back in 2007.

*AAASP game was held in conjunction with GHSA boys’ and girls’ finals – see link for details:

AAASP and GHSA have a rich history in the area of athletic programs for students with disabilities and have been honored nationally for their partnership.   GHSA formed the nation’s first dual governing alliance with the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP), in 2001, to pioneer efforts in school athletic programs for students with physical disabilities.  Through this alliance, GHSA recognizes AAASP as the governing and sanctioning body for adapted sports programs for Georgia’s schools.  Adapted Sports is celebrating its’ 20th Anniversary this year.

The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a not-for-profit association dedicated to developing interscholastic adapted sports programs in partnership with national, state, and local educational agencies.  It represents a standardized approach to extracurricular adapted team sports and has developed one of the nation’s most comprehensive school-based athletic programs for students with physical disabilities attending grades 1-12.  For more information, please visit our website at http://adaptedsports.org or join our conversations on Twitter at: @AdaptedSports.