2018 ASPIRE Awards Nominees

We are proud to announce the 2018 AAASP ASPIRE Awards Nominees

— and their categories — listed below:






Mike Phillips, Advocacy Award

Dr. Mark Scott, Advocacy Award

Dr. Robin Hines, Advocacy Award

Ken Gordon, Founders Award

Gloria Brown, Founders Award

Lori Garrett, Founders Award

George Carmel, Founders Award

Rick Devins, Media Award

Steve Henson, Founders Award

Deborah Shapiro, Advocacy Award

Virginia and Curtis Tabron, The Gail Hendricks Volunteerism Award

Demarco Pittman, Outstanding Senior Athlete Award

Madison Watts, Outstanding Senior Athlete Award

Desmand Hill, Outstanding Senior Athlete Award

Houston County Board of Education / Dr. Mark Scott and Dr. Zabrina Cannady, School-Based Program Award

Clayton County Schools, School-Based Program Award

Houston County Sharks, School-Based Program Award

Brandon Green, School-Based Program Award

Laura Zlogar, School-Based Program Award

Insperity Adaptive Sports Complex, Community-Based Program Award

53rd Air Traffic Control Squadron “Gators”, Community-Based Program Award

Logan Wegienka, Outstanding Male/Female  Student Athlete Award

O’lando Hicks, Outstanding Male/Female Student Athlete Award

Keonte Rankins, Outstanding Male/ Female Student Athlete Award

Jordan Kozloski, Outstanding Male /Female Student Athlete Award


Join us October 28th to celebrate the nominees and the winners of this year’s awards!  Click here for ticket info!