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This is the only place we’ve found where the rules aren’t bent or watered down to include him.

Chrystal BashakasParent

I would say [to them] that AAASP is an organization that “gets it.”

Mike EmoryAthletic Director, Gwinnett County Schools

We’re not raising a CAN’T. We’re raising a CAN. Your programs help make that possible.

Jed ButlerParent

Transforming School Athletic Paradigms

The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) provides equitable opportunities in school-based sports for students with physical disabilities and has successfully demonstrated that it is reasonable to add adapted sports programs to existing school districts’ extracurricular athletic offerings without creating an undue administrative burden or requiring changes to existing rules for non-disabled student athletes.

Under the guidance and leadership of AAASP, our member school districts and state high school associations have expanded their view of providing extracurricular athletics for students with physical disabilities by realizing that “inclusion” must extend to the sport offerings, thereby including adapted sports within the school districts extracurricular athletic offerings. This mindset has created comparable opportunities for students with physical disabilities to take part in interscholastic sanctioned adapted sports programs so they can experience the rewards and satisfaction of competitive school-based sports just as their non-disabled peers.

Extracurricular adapted athletic programs create an atmosphere for student athletes with physical disabilities to achieve lasting friendships, improvements in their physical development, and academic performance, as well as teach students fundamental skills, teamwork, strategy, and concepts of sport participation while having high expectations and clear standards for success, which relate back to the students performance in the classroom just as school athletic programs do for non-disabled students.

There are standardized seasons; rules of play, policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines that school districts adhere to for students with physical disabilities who participate in the AAASP adapted sports programs.

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