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Wheelchair Football Training Video – For Purchase

The video prepares viewers to coach athletes with physical disabilities who use manual or power wheelchair to play. Viewers will develop skills and strategies for coaching and playing the game. Includes Wheelchair Football Rules Handbook.

Features Include:

• Live action animation diagrams depicting each players role in every play
• Offensive running and passing plays with blocking schemes
• Defensive line-ups and blitzing the quarterback
• Interviews with student athletes on their techniques for handling the wheelchair and for passing and catching the football
• Tips from NFL coach Jim Mora.

Rules Handbooks


Skills & Drills


Ball Handling: Skills and Drills

This guide breaks ball handling skills for wheelchair basketball and indoor wheelchair soccer into teachable components. Each skill description addresses the goals and points that coaches should emphasize.

A series of drills is included in order to help players put the skills into actions.The five fundamental skills are: (1) dribbling, (2) the bounce stop, (3) the bounce spin, (4) ball pick-up, and (5) ball protection.  Photographs and diagrams help illustrate proper form and court positioning.

Wheelchair handling skills are the most important proficiencies in wheelchair sports. Without mastering these skills, athletes will find it difficult to master more advanced sport skills.

This guide illustrates the fundamental techniques of wheelchair handling and includes drills for practicing skills. Photographs and diagrams help illustrate proper form and court positioning.

Author Ed Owen’s expertise in wheelchair basketball spans 44 years as an athlete, coach, and author. One of his many honors was in being named the best wheelchair basketball player of all time by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. He is also the author of the definitive resource for coaching wheelchair basketball, Playing and Coaching Wheelchair Basketball (University of Illinois Press). In the wheelchair maintenance guide, Ed addresses key aspects of keeping the sport wheelchair in tip-top competition condition.  Photographs guide users in proper maintenance techniques.

The First Aid Guide was developed to help anyone charged with overseeing healthy athletic activities to provide a healthy, safe environment for sports activity in interscholastic adapted athletics programs.

The guide covers issues such as sports medicine goals, prevention and treatment of common athletic injuries to athletes with disabilities, and supply lists for first aid kits.

There are two ways to shoot a basketball from the wheelchair, with two hands or with one. Players who do not have the strength to shoot with one hand use a two-handed shot. This guide includes a series of drills designed to help an athlete develop their shot. Photographs are included to help illustrate proper form; and diagrams showcase options for practicing and mastering shots.