Changing Lives


“My son, Jerome and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the Adaptive Sports Program! He built friendships that may last a lifetime. Before he participated in the program, I struggled many days to get him to wear his braces.  He now wears them without being told! We were pleased with the total experience and wish to commend the organization for a job well done.”

 Markeya Broaden
Markeya BroadenParent of Jerome

“We have seen all kinds of positive change in our students – academically, emotionally, and physically.  Some of them live, eat, and drink their sport. We had a youngster with cerebral palsy who had a real problem with coordination, after a while, he was catching and dribbling the ball.  Then there was another student who was the victim of a shooting that left him a paraplegic.  Playing wheelchair basketball allowed him to focus on something other than his disability. For every athlete who competes, we get an opportunity to touch his or her lives in some way.”

 Onie Lawson
Onie LawsonAdapted Sports Area Coordinator, Atlanta Public Schools, The Atlanta Educator, A publication of Atlanta Public Schools

“This program has been a great experience for our students and school system.  We saw students develop into a cohesive group of student-athletes who supported one another while improving their athletic skills.”

Mike Phillips
Mike PhillipsAdapted Sports Area Coordinator, Gwinnett County Public Schools

“I just wanted to thank AAASP for all that it has done for me. I am a Journalism major at Augusta State who recently was appointed to chief reporter of the school newspaper. I also sit on a strategic planning committee for the university. Finally, I am a board member for the new Miracle League field being built in Augusta. In my opinion, I attribute my successes in this organization. So, once again, thank you. ”

Matt Miklas
Matt Miklas Formerly of Columbia County Schools Fireballs