AAASP Demonstrates Wheelchair Football at 47th Annual National Athletic Directors Conference

AAASP Cofounders and Board members were in Nashville this weekend for the 47th National Athletic Directors Conference, hosted by the National Interscholastic Athletic Directors Association (NIAAA) and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).

Attendees had the opportunity to see and participate in AAASP-governed Wheelchair Football. Discussions centered around how this growing adaptedSPORT can be the perfect program for interscholastic and intramural application in America’s schools.

The coaches, parents and athletes who comprise the Houston County Sharks, from Warner Robins, Georgia, were excited to travel to Nashville and share their personal experiences with athletic directors and the nearly 2500 attendees – a record for the NIAAA and the NFHS!

AAASP extends its appreciation to all those involved in making this presentation and demonstration possible. Thank you all for learning about and supporting the inclusion of students with physical disabilities in school-based sports programs.



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