The Most Important Movement Since Title IX

In 2013, the Office of Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague Letter” clarifying the obligations of schools with regard to providing sports participation opportunities for students with disabilities. The letter makes it clear that pursuant to existing disabilities laws, schools have an obligation to provide sports participation opportunities through adapted athletic programs. Read more…

AAASP and our partners are committed to creating and expanding opportunities in education-based adapted sports for school children with physical disabilities to increase their physical activity level, enhance self-esteem, form lasting friendships and experience school-based sports in a similar manner as their non-disabled peers.

In 2013, the graduation rate for AAASP athletes was 82%, beating the national average of their peers with and without disabilities.

Program Benefits

Parents whose children participated in the AAASP programs noted reductions over previous years in secondary health complications resulting from sedentary habits. The other top benefits identified by parents and supported through empirical evidence include:

  • Opportunity

    The opportunity to play sports the kids would otherwise never have

  • Ability

    The ability to work hard, participate in a group, set goals, & excel in sports

  • Active

    Active engagement and friendship with other students, mentors, & coaches

  • Increased

    Increased physical and social competence and perceptions of oneself as an athlete

  • Positive

    Positive perceptions of quality of life and independence