The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP) represents a standardized approach to interscholastic sports programming for students with physical disabilities. It’s a not-for-profit association dedicated to developing adapted interscholastic sport programs in partnership with national, state, and local educational agencies. This cooperative approach represents the most successful model for affording students with physical disabilities access to competitive sport.

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AAASP envisions a society where all children with physical disabilities can experience the rewards and satisfaction of competitive school-based sports.


AAASP’s mission is to develop and support a standardized structure for school-based athletic competition to improve the well being of students with physical disabilities.

Core Values

  • Sports activity is significant to any child’s healthy physical and emotional development, and often, more so for those with physical disabilities.  Every young person with a physical disability should have an opportunity to participate in appropriate interscholastic athletic programs.

  • Any young person who participates in adapted sports programs should have the guidance of adults with proper sports training.

  • The standardization of sports rules, policies, and ethical guidelines is essential to the long-term success of interscholastic adapted athletics programs.

  • Continuous stable, and quality extracurricular adapted sports programs are possible only with the aid of solid governance, leadership and the commitment of educational agencies.

AAASP was founded in Atlanta after the 1996 Paralympic Games and in response to a groundswell of interest by parents and community officials in competition opportunities for students with disabilities. With years of relevant program experience, a vision for a sustainable competition model and a fast commitment to enhancing the future of these students, Bev Vaughn and Tommie Storms founded AAASP. The idea was to mobilize community support while offering a programming solution that was easy to adopt

Two decades later AAASP programs are the most successful examples of competitive, interscholastic adapted sports. The partnership with school districts, state and national agencies, and a mobilized community has resulted in broad adoption. To date over 1700 competitions have been contested and enrollment has surpassed 5600 participants over the lifetime of the program.

AAASP has created the essential elements school districts need to successfully offer adapted teams sports for students with disabilities, developing (but not limited to the following):

Published Competition Rules
Standardized Seasons
Safety Guidelines
Coaches & Offiicials Training
Compliant Guidelines & Inclusive Policies

These inclusive and highly effective programs, supported by partnerships and community networks are AAASP’s vision, and its goal is the adoption of these programs wherever there is a need.

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